Paper Title

Camila Monteiro De Barros

Music cultural heritage from knowledge organization perspective

Chaoguang Huo, Wenjing Li and Yueji Han

Recommendation for Scholar Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Daniel Ihrmark, Koraljka Golub and Xu Tan

Subject indexing of LGBTQ+ fiction in Sweden and China

Jian Qin and Qiaoyi Liu

Organizing Knowledge through Revealing Data in Knowledgebases

Jingzhu Wei and Peipei Zhu

Named Entity Recognition in Intellectual Property Compliance Knowledge Graph Based on Multiplex Networks

John Kausch

Nuclear Semiotics and Knowledge Organization: Five Design Heuristics for Semantic Primitives

Li Si and Yao Liu

Research on the Digital Storytelling of Biographical Knowledge Based on Ontology

Lu An, Chenyu Wei and Chuanming Yu

Scientific literature recommendation and knowledge extraction for emergency needs

Marzena Swigon

Scholarly communication in the eyes of Polish early career researchers in the humanities, theology and arts - assumptions and objectives of the research project

Mengjuan Weng, Xilong Hou, Jueying Lei and Xiaoguang Wang

An Ontology for Linking Chinese Classics Texts and its Commentaries

Shaodan Sun and Jun Deng

Multidimensional knowledge representation and semantic enrichment of linear cultural heritage resources

Shengli Deng, Fan Wang, Minghao Pan and Sumei Yao

Recognizing AI Responses from Generative AI in Knowledge-Based Online Q&A Communities

Wenjing Zhao, Nan Zhang and Jian Du

Constructing a map of contradictory evidences based on semantic triples: A case study of cardiovascular diseases

Wiesław Babik

Knowledge Organization as a new power for indexing/retrieval languages structures. Example of Polish experiences and results against global tendency perspectives

Wilson Roberto Veronez Júnior, Sonia Troitiño-Rodriguez, Daniel Martínez-Ávila and Rosa San Segundo

Reflections on the Relations between Archival Science and Knowledge Organization: A Focus on Archival Classification

Yue Gong, Xiaoguang Wang and Ke Zhao

Cross-Domain Knowledge Integrative Framework Based on Workflow of Digital Humanities Project

Zhengang Zhang, Chuanming Yu and Lu An

TemPI: A temporal knowledge graph completion model via time perception and interaction