Workshop Proposals

Joseph Busch, Douglas Tudhope and Marcia Zeng

NKOS Workshop at Wuhan ISKO Conference


Panel Proposals

Birger Hjørland, Thiago Barros, Wang Lin, Natália Tognoli and Regina Marteleto

Domain Analysis in Information Science and Knowledge Organization : Current Status, Progress and Prospect

Junzhi Jia and Guixiang Zhang


Marcia Zeng, Maja Žumer, Eero Hyvönen, Cuijuan Xia and Hongxin Zhang

Maximizing the FAIRness of Cultural Heritage Resources with Conceptual and Infrastructural Models and Knowledge Organization Systems

Marcia Zeng, Xiaoguang Wang, Xilong Hou, Long Xiao, Mingyu Huang and Wei Fan

Building Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) for Chinese Cultural Heritage to Facilitate Data Sharing and Reuse 建造适合中国文化遗产的知识组织系统,助推数据的共享与重用

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