Submission Types

Workshops and Panels

The ISKO 2024 conference is seeking proposals for Workshops and Panels that will engage our attendees and expand the conference’s research content. The scope of this track is very broad. We seek workshop and panel proposals that may build a new research community, strengthen an existing research community, or further advance a particular knowledge organization (KO) field. We are open to any events that invite commentary, are directly engaging, or seek participant input on KO issues. We can provide a space for learning, reflection, and relationship-building. We encourage proposers to think creatively.


Full papers 

Full papers should present new and original research results from empirical investigations and experiments, or from theory and model development. Full papers are encouraged to break new ground and provide substantial support for its results and conclusions. Papers presenting a new system design or implications for design are also welcome. Submitted papers need to be original work, not published elsewhere.


Short papers

Short papers are more focused and concise contributions to the research program and are likely to have a smaller scope of contribution than Full papers. For example, short papers on applications design may not cover the entire iterative design cycle (observation, design, implementation, evaluation, etc.) but may instead go into depth in specific areas.



Poster sessions provide an opportunity for researchers to display and discuss their research with scholars of the knowledge organization field. We welcome submissions of posters presenting recent novel results, work in progress, data sets, methodological tools, or research that is best communicated in a poster format. Submitted posters need to be original work, not published elsewhere. Posters are designed to invite questions and discussion. Posters should be highly engaging, and easily presented visually to attract attention.


Doctoral colloquium

The Doctoral colloquium aims to improve the research ability and training quality of doctoral students in the field of knowledge organization. It provides doctoral students the opportunity to present their work and interact with their peers and faculty members. Doctoral students are welcome to submit their papers to this track. The authors of best papers in the Doctoral colloquium will receive awards and certificates.


Best practices

The Best practices provide an opportunity for knowledge organization practitioners and professionals to display and discuss their KO practices with their peers and researchers. KO practitioners and researchers can submit their application-oriented proposals to this track. The content includes but is not limited to FRBR, ontology and KO tools, integration of controlled vocabulary and natural language, KO practices of online information, KO projects, and so forth.


Chinese track

This track offers an excellent opportunity for scholars, researchers, and professionals worldwide to understand and exchange views about the studies on knowledge organization in China. Participants from all over the world, knowledgeable in the Chinese language, are welcome to submit. Submissions to this track should be in the Chinese language. An English version of the title, abstract, and keywords of the paper is required.


The authors of the best papers will receive awards and certificates. Best papers will also be recommended to Knowledge Organization, Information Processing & Management, and Internet Research. Best Chinese papers will be recommended to  《中国图书馆学报》、《情报学报》、《图书情报知识》、《信息资源管理学报》、《图书情报工作》、《情报资料工作》、《情报理论与实践》、《数据分析与知识发现》。